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Ceremonia de Decernare a Premiilor de Excelenta 2015 Acad. Marin Voiculescu

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      Keep the date 6 - 8
          october 2016

-The 26-th RASL Congress
-The VII-th Pre-Congress Balkan Hepatology Course
-The VI-th Romanian - French Congress

Prof. dr M. VOICULESCU conference:

How to improve the access to

therapy in South and East:


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About us

Mihai Voiculescu

The Romanian Association for the Study of the Liver (RASL) is the national scientific organization which reunites doctors from different specialities interested in the field of hepatology, and is affiliated to the European Association for the Study of the Liver since 1987.

Founded in 1990, by court ruling no. 269 din 15.02.1990 RASL has organized 25 national congresses with national and international participation. The first president of RASL was Prof. L. Buligescu and general secretary M. Voiculescu. (The present president of RASL is Prof. M. Voiculescu). Prof. M. Voiculescu is the Minister of Health advisor. Each year the president or the secretary of RASL or both have participate to EASL Business Meeting.

The last congress held in October 2014 reuniting over 500 participants. Over the years RASL has hosted well-known European and American hepatologists, and since 1999 EASL organized each year a Postgraduate Course in Bucharest and from 2008 RASL organized Balkanic Precongres Course and French-Romanian Symposium of Hepatology. Each year the board of RASL organisez meetings in Bucharest, in different location Prof. Carmen Fierbinteanu, Prof. Coman Tanasescu, Prof. Dan Olteanu, dr. Adriana Popescu, Dr. Laurentiu Micu, etc are constant and active presence. Prof. Carol Stanciu (Iasi), Prof. Anca Trifan (Iasi), Prof. Monica Acalovschi (Cluj) and Prof.Oliviu Pascu (Cluj) are conected curently by email. The last guideline for HCV treatment was elaborated by Prof. Carmen Fierbinteanu, Prof. Mihai Voiculescu and Dr. Laurentiu Micu.

The main goals of RASL are:
- to promote research in hepatology;
- to improve therapy of liver diseases and to implement European guidelines in medical practice in Romania;
- to improve training in hepatology;
- to organize multicentric trials in the field of hepatology;
- to establish connections with hepatology centers from abroad.

In order to achieve these goals RASL organizes annual national congresses, symposia and postgraduate courses in which CME hours are awarded, and edits 2 national journals: Romanian Journal of Hepatology and Nephrology and Vascular Access (in collaboration with the Center of Internal Medicine, Fundeni Clinical Institute).

We invite you to join us in achieving our goals!

Prof. Mihai Voiculescu (photo), the President of RASL, is also the President of Romanian Commission of Hepatology of the Health Ministry, member of WHO Global advisor board, and Peer reviewer for the Guidelines Development Groups (GDG), Geneva, Switzerland.